We try to be as rational as possible in our everyday life. Right from when we get up, drive to work, in the office, meeting rooms. The dating world the strategy is counter intuitive.

You simply cannot treat it like business encounter.  You see a girl, you cant approach and say, you have these assets I really like you, I can offer you this and we would make great kids so can be be together. You might just get slapped for this.

Unlike other areas of life where you try to internalise your feelings, try to put in all the effort to make it work, make sure there is no grey area, dating, love and relationships follow the opposite pattern.

You need to take it real slow

The more you like a person the less you should show it.

You can go upfront and tell them wana date you like a robot (While I am a person who does that, I have scared quiet a few people away)

The ones who liked me where because of my apathy, disinterest, confused self, unpredictability (wow)

If things are counter intuitive does it mean you should always act the other way around in situations

Know your enemy and use it to your advantage

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