Briffault’s law states that “the female, not the male, determines all the conditions of the animal family. Where the female can derive no benefit from association with the male, no such association takes place.”

In olden days the men played the provider role and the women were child bearers. These days Women no longer want to conform to gender standards. They want to be financially independent, free and at the same time want a family.

What is the solution to this paradox? Read on

Women these days, want a family and a career.  They want a guy who can lead and a guy who can be led. 

Considering these  now why does a woman need a man anymore?

  • She earns equal to a man. She can be self sufficient
  • She can afford maids to clean her house and cook for her.
  • She can buy an apartment for herself by herself
  • She can have pets for companionship
  • She can get sex easily
  • She can have a baby through artificial means or just through any guy and raise a kid herself
  • There is no stigma with being a single mom
  • She can have a boyfriend visit her a few times a week and have all her needs met without any financial support from him
  • She can have a live in boyfriend

Then why? Why do they seek out men for marriage and why do they get disappointed?

So they can feel feminine

They can care for someone

Have themselves led

Have a second parent for their kid

The dynamics of  a marriage is different from any setup

Traditional marriages exist when the woman plays a feminine  role and the man plays a masculine role.

Masculine role being the role of a provider, earning money to secure the family, ensuring safety, security, leading

Feminine role has to do with caritas(provider of care), compassion, femininity,

Women these days want to play a masculine role in relationships because they are stalwarts in their career, earning equal to men, ambitious, driven, motivated and want to lead. And to top it all they have the same biological instincts as any normal woman- to feel feminine in a relationship.

This leads to a dichotomy in their behaviour.

They tend to associate being feminine and compromising as retrogressive, anti feminist.  If you cannot make a guy feel like man dont get into a relationship. Why would a guy stay with you if he is going to be emasculated.

In fact there lies the solution to our paradox.

Millennial women should learn the art of being more feminine

Feminine and strong women are what this world needs more of

Successful women don’t only know how to lead but  also how to follow

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