Theseus owned a ship and the ship was entirely made of wood. Every time a piece of the ship needed replacing it was replaced with a metal part. This went on for a few years until eventually it was entirely made of metal.

Is the metal ship of Theseus the same ship as the wooden ship of Theseus?

This is a famous paradox of theseus

So, are you the same person after going through various episodes in life?

Last 8 years after my school have been my defining years.  I have been through frankly a lot

Most of it over the last few years.  I can say that I am Lalitha but I am not as well.

Over the past few years my innocence was decimated. But my consciousness has increased. I would say to a higher level. I can dissociate my reactions from impulses/stimuli.

I have seen people from various walks of life. Different backgrounds and nationalities, ages.

One factor that changed me was the sheer volume of people , in and out of my life.

It was like the life was a flood passing over me and the people where grass roots I was grappling onto to survive. One by one just to pass the flood. There was a tree thru all this journey. maybe why I was able to navigate through the flood.

Delicate feelings are precious like the newly blossomed flower. They need to be handled with care and they grow under the right conditions.

When every time a delicate feeling blooms, it is crushed, the heart that lets the grow grows weak. Like mine has.

You begin to mistrust people. You lose hope in humanity, in life.

Freedom is the antitheses of dependability.  You realise, at any point you are either free, devoid of ties,

or full of responsibilities and have people either depending on you or you depend on them

I chose freedom, travelled around, lived in places, with stability and that has changed me for good.


The Ship of Theseus was rebuilt over the centuries as wood rotted and broke, so at what point did it stop being the original, and when did it become something else?



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